Hot Wax Heater Machine Price in Pakistan:

The best price of a hot Wax Heater machine in Pakistan is Rs. 959, and the estimated average price is Rs.1,873 – Rs.2750.

Overview of Wax Heater or Warmer Machine:

Waxing is the most effective hair-removing technique that ensures the hair is removed from the root. Results can last up to 1.5 to 3 months, depending on the hair growth and technique used to use the wax. Making wax at home can be laborious and time-consuming. Waxing can take up to 3 hours and requires practice properly removing hair without any breakage. Women frequently visit salons for waxing appointments to save time and energy, but these can become an expensive investment over time. For waxing to become less taxing on the user, a waxing heater will help save time and money.

Pro Wax Heater

The Pro Wax 100 has high and low-temperature and solid collision resistance that ensures the wax stays bound together. The main components are the transparent lib that has three cooling air holes to keep the wax from overheating. It has a 500 cc aluminium pot that is non-stick and is now available in a removable model that is easy to maintain and clean compared to the previous model. The non-removable heat resistance liner was designed to ensure the wax stayed consistently warm.

The Pro Wax-100 waxing kit includes a wax warmer, 4 bags of depilatory hard wax beans and 20 wax applicator sticks used at home and the salon.
Wax Heaters Instructions:
Before using the wax on the entire body, it is recommended that a small area be tested to see if any irritation or rashes occur. This allergy test is essential as some types can be sensitive to wax. The wax heater kit has a pre was treatment spray, a disinfectant containing tea tree oil that removes any layers of makeup and clears the skin. Wax is applied in a uniform layer along the direction of hair growth. After the wax solidifies and tightens, remove the layer with a quick action opposite to the direction of hair growth. After using the wax, turn the wax heater off and use cooling lotions to calm the redness of the skin. The wax left in the container can be reused at any time as it is designed for repeated heating and will not go wrong.

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