Miss Rose Foundation Price in Pakistan:

A diverse range of foundations is available at Miss Rose to cater to every customer’s needs, preferences, and skin types. So, Miss Rose Foundation price in Pakistan are Rs.350; Rs.450; Rs.550; Rs.650; Rs.750; & Rs.850 only. You can find the right makeup for your needs, whether full coverage or natural-looking makeup. From matte finishes to long-wear formulas, they provide exceptional quality. First up, we have the Full Coverage Matte Foundation! This one is an absolute game-changer! The perfect foundation for anyone looking for a flawless, matte finish that stays put all day! Although lightweight, it provides superb full coverage to conceal stubborn blemishes and discolorations.

  • Miss Rose Flawless Foundation Rs.650 – Rs.750
  • Full Cover Foundation of Miss Rose Rs.550 – Rs.850
  • Miss Rose Pump Foundation Rs.450 – Rs.600
  • Miss Rose Concealer Rs.350 – Rs.450
  • Liquid Foundation Miss Rose Rs.450 – Rs.650
  • Matte Foundation Miss Rose Rs.350 – Rs.550
  • Miss Rose BB Foundation Rs.480 – Rs.640

Miss Rose Matte Base Pakistan Price:

No matter what, this foundation will make your makeup look perfect. Miss Rose also offers the Purely Natural Foundation! Perfect for those who love a natural, radiant look, this foundation gives off a flawless finish. It dries quickly and provides a beautiful, natural glow that enhances the beauty of your skin. Additionally, Miss Rose offers Smooth Foundation, a silky-smooth finish that feels great on the skin. Original products with affordable prices in Pakistan.

With this product, you can quickly build up the coverage and minimize the appearance of pores, making it perfect for those with dry or combination skin. As well as the HD Foundation, Miss Rose has the HD Foundation, which offers full coverage to hide imperfections. Miss rose foundation cost you very less in Pakistan region with cash on delivery charges Rs.200 to Rs.250. This foundation is designed to make you look great in photos and all your special occasions, so you’ll always be camera-ready!

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