Miss Rose Blush On Kit Overview:

Miss Rose Blush collection includes single-colour compacts, 2 to 3-colour palettes and combination palette kits that include highlighters and eye shadow colours.


After applying your favourite foundation comes the step to highlight and colour the cheeks with blush. The Miss Rose Blush formula is soft and blendable, mixing with your skin’s natural oils and foundation. It is a pigmented-pressed powder that can be applied using a flat or rounded brush, depending on your preference and face outline. For rounder faces, using a sharper and flat brush that can colour and contour the cheeks creates a sharper jawline. For a soft and glowing makeup look, choose a round and thick brush applying the Miss Rose Blush palette in a circular motion while smiling to colour to lift the shape of your cheekbones. 

Miss Rose Professional Blush has 6 gorgeous colours that are a mixture of pink, peach, coral and bronze. Tiny glitter particles of silver and gold mixed into the blush formula add a glamorous sheen to your cheeks. There is a matte version of the blush for those looking for a subtle colour without the shimmer and glitter.  

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